How To Make The Perfect Kitchen Meal Using Common Recipes

Common Recipes

How To Make The Perfect Kitchen Meal Using Common Recipes

Really shouldn’t worry if you’ve hit a cooking wall; these chefs are here to help to make common recipes, and they advise starting from scratch. From heavy meals like spaghetti bolognese to simple dishes like sushi rice, we polled some of our favorite chefs from across the nation to find out what one recipe every home cook should be able to create.


“Sometimes the simplest tasks are the most difficult to carry out because we mistakenly believe them to be simple. Our à la carte menu offers Colombian atollado rice, which is prepared with vegetable broth and resembles risotto. This is offered as a side dish alongside branzino salted and wrapped in a banana leaf.

Pho Thai 

It is simple to prepare and one of the most famous Thai recipes. Additionally, you can alter it in various ways by including seasonal veggies or your preferred protein, such as shrimp, chicken, or tofu.

Fish Baked 

Anyone should be able to make a simple baked fish, like lemon garlic salmon or baked cod, in the Mediterranean way. Fish is a terrific food to include in a balanced, healthy diet and is easy to make any night of the week. It’s a terrific talent to have the ability to prepare fish correctly so that it is tasty, perfectly flaky, and does not dry out.

Fried potatoes 

“We often take French fries for granted because they can be found on most menus, yet everyone has a favorite, and frequently for a good reason. There are countless methods to make French fries, but the greatest need is patience, consideration, and an unexpected level of accuracy.

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“Although it may not technically constitute a dish, understanding how to cook a beautiful steak, preferably a rib-eye, in a cast iron skillet to a nice med-rare or medium at the very most, is a crucial skill to have. If you enjoy fish but don’t eat red meat, learn to cook it, so the skin is crispy without overcooking the fish. If you can accomplish that, you can make steaks and beautiful fish at home whenever you want them, or even better, and you can use that money to buy better meat. The “Would they overdo it?” roulette game is optional.”


“Delicious homemade are simple to prepare but challenging to perfect. They are versatile and can be consumed at any time of the day, simple or as a masterpiece. Eggs scrambled are a necessary food. Although they seem fairly simple to prepare, there are countless ways to manufacture eggs. They are arguably the least well-known ingredient, yet you can’t cook without them whether you’re making omelets, fried eggs, components for baking, or glaze for roasting.

Cooked Meat 

“Once you figure out the perfect method, it’s the simplest way to astound your party guests. It would be best if you achieved a beautiful fond at the bottom of the pan and a decent browning of the meat. Then you slowly brown your aromatics to develop flavor.

New pasta 

“Whether it’s cavatelli, agnolotti, or ravioli, I think everyone should be able to create good pasta. It’s a dish where every pasta cut demonstrates so much love, skill, and passion. Agnolotti with butternut squash in the winter, cavatelli with peas and fava beans in the spring, ravioli with corn purée filling in the summer, and ravioli with zucchini and squash in the fall are just a few examples of how pasta is a wonderful way to highlight each season.”

Cooked chicken 

“All people ought to be able to roast a full chicken. Developing the fundamental skills to become a better cook will start with this straightforward and adaptable dish. You can stuff, marinade, brine, marinate, baste, etc., a full-roasted chicken. The chicken can also be served over a salad, with rice, in tortillas, or with various sauces. While the carcass is simmering to make stock, the leftovers can be removed and turned into chicken salad. One full roasted chicken can be used for almost countless different dishes!”

Every cook should know how to make a basic roast chicken. It aids in the instruction of trussing a chicken, which is a very practical skill. It also helps to understand how to control the oven’s temperature, get a crispy skin, and avoid overcooking the chicken. Watching a perfectly cooked, straightforward roast chicken emerge from the oven makes it seem perfect.


This dish was in my repertoire before I had children and has unquestionably become my go-to recipe for the entire family. Everyone should have a traditional Bolognese on hand. When sautéing mine, I like to add a little bacon oil and use Aj Chombo Panameo (habanero) peppers for spice instead of red pepper flakes.

Eggs, French 

“It seems like a technique that demands a lot of restraint and finesse. Making an omelet requires very basic tools, but things move quite rapidly. There is a certain amount of patience needed. A good one demonstrates your protein knowledge and ability to select top-notch ingredients.”

Chicken Scatchcocked 

This dish may be prepared fast, in about 30 minutes if you’re in a hurry, and when presented properly, it appears to be exquisite. It’s fairly easy once the chicken has been slaughtered and seasoned. When the chicken is cooked, add some roasted vegetables and make a fast pan sauce to appear like a pro.


“If you perform a stage in my kitchen, you must accomplish the following things: Create mayo, brunoise the carrots, celery, and onion, and chop the chives. I believe everyone should be able to produce mayo because I adore it. My preferred technique uses the robot coup, although I also With just flour and eggs, you may create a wide variety of pasta dishes, including filled pasta, pasta in the shape of a ribbon or another shape, baked pasta, pasta with butter or another sauce, and pasta from various geographical locations. Although it’s a daily necessity, learning the alphabet of pasta recipes is necessary. Making the well, adding the eggs, and kneading are all extremely calming and therapeutic activities.

Pomodoro Filets 

“This traditional Italian tomato pasta recipe uses just a few simple ingredients and provides the freshness we all yearn for while eating carbohydrates. Roma tomatoes that have been finely sliced, tomato paste, garlic, chili flakes, olive oil, and fresh basil make up this dish. A little parmesan is sprinkled on top, and the sauce is ready in just ten minutes, in my opinion.



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