How To Make plentifully Variety-onga’s Recipes

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How To Make plentifully Variety-conga’s Recipes

Grain jugs 

In my kitchen, grain bowls are really popular. My husband and I frequently make this dish when seeking a savory yet quick-to-prepare meal because we appreciate how straightforward and flexible grain bowls are.

We utilize gluten-free grains like quinoa and brown rice because I adhere to a gluten-free diet. Farro, millet, and barley are all fine grains for grain bowls. A significant supply of fiber and other minerals, such as magnesium, is found in grains. Studies have revealed that eating a lot of grains may reduce your risk of developing heart disease, type 2 diabetes, colon cancer, and other illnesses.

A portion of cooked grains should be topped with cooked or raw vegetables, chicken, fried or hard-boiled eggs, grilled shrimp, or salmon, as well as a protein source. Then pour olive oil and lemon juice on top, or keep it simple with a store-bought or homemade dressing. One such dish is the Green Goddess Buddha Bowl, which combines brown rice, roasted broccoli, sugar snap peas, avocado, hard-boiled eggs, toasted pumpkin seeds, and a creamy yogurt-based sauce enticingly.

For evenings when you don’t have much time, try one of these other grain bowl recipes:

Bowls of Thai Chicken Buddha Salmon Grain Bowls with Lemon Tahini Sauce Buddha Bowl of Sweet Potato and Chickpeas

Veggie loaded frittatas

If you keep hens as I do, you can use eggs for more than breakfast. Eggs are frequently the protein for our quick and delectable entrees, including frittatas. All you have to do to meet your fiber requirements is add a variety of your favorite vegetables since eggs already provide you with enough protein and healthy fat.

Asparagus, spinach, sweet potatoes, zucchini, onions, broccoli florets, mushrooms, and tomatoes are some of my top frittata ingredients. To give your frittata more taste, add items like cheese, herbs, spices, or pesto. Even leftovers like salmon, shredded chicken, and potatoes can be added to your frittata. I like to serve frittata with some fresh fruit or sliced avocado. You can have this satisfying supper at any time of day or night. You can whip up a frittata in under an hour because they are so easy to create.

The following recipes for great and simple frittatas: 

Wild mushroom frittata with cheddar, green onions, and peas Spring vegetable frittata Cheesy chicken pepper broccoli frittata

Evening salad 

One of my go-to dinners, especially when I don’t feel like cooking, is a big, full salad.

The issue with most salads is that they are poorly put together, which causes you to feel hungry again quickly after finishing your meal. Make sure to incorporate enough protein, good fats, and fiber while creating a hearty dinner salad.

A base of your preferred greens, such as spinach, mixed greens, arugula, kale, or romaine, is a good place to start. Increase the fiber content of your greens by adding a few more vegetables, such as peppers, cucumbers, carrots, broccoli, or red onions.

Pick a protein source next, such as grilled chicken, shrimp, salmon, or hard-boiled eggs. For a crunchy texture, sprinkle roasted sunflower or pumpkin seeds over your creation before drizzling it with a healthy dressing like olive oil and balsamic vinegar or making your green goddess dressing using this recipe.

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Here are a few more suggestions for dinner salads: 

Superfood Chicken Shawarma Salad with Tahini Dressing Salmon Salad Asian Chopped Salad, crunchy


Burgers are a fantastic option for families because they’re easy to prepare and satisfy even the most particular palates. Even though beef burgers are a popular option, you can also prepare burgers with lentils, salmon, tuna, chicken, and just about any other protein. I enjoy serving my husband’s wonderful chicken burger with a big salad and roasted sweet potato fries. To meet your dietary requirements, you can serve your burgers on a loaf of sturdy whole-grain bread, in a lettuce wrap, or on top of a bed of greens.

Here are a couple of extremely straightforward burger recipes: 

  • Chickpea Burgers on Pizza
  • Salmon and Spinach Burgers
  • Delicious Sweet Potato Cheddar BBQ Chicken

Pasta made of loaded brown rice 

Most people enjoy a delicious pasta dish, but most pasta dishes lack the crucial components, like protein and fiber, to keep you feeling full. Fortunately, you can quickly make a delicious and healthy pasta meal by following a few easy instructions.

Pick your pasta first. You can use any pasta you choose, but Tinkyada brown rice pasta is a personal favorite of mine. If you’re on a low-carb diet, you may use zucchini noodles instead of pasta.

Select a protein source next. I enjoy using chicken breast, ground chicken, or chickpeas if I want a plant-based protein source. Next, pick your vegetables. Broccoli and spinach are a classic combination that I enjoy, but virtually any vegetable can do. Choose a sauce, such as pesto, marinara, or olive oil, to finish.

The following dishes would be great to try the next time you want a pasta dish: 

  • Zucchini noodles with little chicken feta and spinach meatballs; broccoli pesto chicken pasta; roasted vegetables with chickpea pasta salad; Simple soups

Few dinners are as filling as a hot bowl of thick soup. Fortunately, soup can be made and is a great option for meal preparation because you can easily produce huge servings. I enjoy creating soups that require one pot because the cleanup is quicker. My soups are made on the stovetop, but to save time, you can use an Instant Pot to create any of the following recipes.

Yellow Split Pea Cream Soup 

Quinoa, Kale, and Lentil Stew with Curry Chicken Soup Curry

Curry is a wise choice for a quick, full dinner because it is adaptable, simple to prepare, and suitable for families. Additionally, regular consumption of curry may enhance health by lowering blood sugar and excessive triglyceride levels, two risk factors for heart disease. During the colder months, I enjoy making a hearty chickpea and sweet potato curry to serve over rice or quinoa.

Several curry recipes may be made in 30 minutes or less, like these straightforward curry dishes: 

30-minute Thai Chicken Curry, Easy 1-pan Salmon Red Curry, and Quick and Simple Thai Chickpea Curry


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