About us

Welcome To Wikie Bee

The brightest business, strategic, artistic, editorial, and technological minds have come together to form Wikiebee, which was formed in 2021. It has thousands of unique monthly users across its web, mobile, and app platforms, making it a renowned and well-respected brand in the entertainment and lifestyle categories.
The past year has been devoted to Wikiebee’s efforts to curate the greatest user experiences with premium content that offers consumers the most recent and intriguing news from Hollywood, Korean, Indian regional cinema, Indian television, and Bollywood entertainment. Additionally, it covers a wide range of themes in the Lifestyle area, including Fashion, Food, and Travel.

One of its game-changing Intellectual Properties that is revolutionising the way digital content is consumed is HallyuTalk, India’s first platform for Korean entertainment. Other game-changing Intellectual Properties include Wikiebee South, Wikiebee Fashion, Wikiebee Telly, Wikiebee USA, Wikiebee Rooms, Hindi Rush, and many more.